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Performance Automotive Engines is the reputable home for high-quality muscle cars in El Paso, TX. Muscle cars are our passion, and we do whatever it takes to keep these cars on the road in a safe and affordable manner. We refuse to let this special time in automotive history fall by the wayside.

Customers turn to us for personalized designs that highlight their unique sets of tastes and preferences. Our experts work alongside our clients to discover what the owners’ needs, goals, objectives, and resources are. We take this information and arrive at viable solutions to develop custom cars. Customers appreciate how we present solutions during consultations that ensure privacy and discretion.

We have a wide selection of antique classic parts, products, and accessories available in our inventory to satisfy any automobile restoration or other need. We carry only top-brand manufactured items to ensure that our performance car lovers receive the best solutions. Our products are guaranteed to be durable and last for years.

A modernized muscle car is as unique as its owner. Many owners ask us to restore their vehicles to the manufacturers’ recommended models. Others like us to add something special, such as a vintage steel rod, to add character and resale value. The decision is up to you. We provide the conduit for success!

We know how to keep the passion alive in a professional, reliable, and trustworthy manner.

Come experience the wonders of muscle cars in the El Paso, TX area by visiting the experts at Performance Automotive Engines!

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